After the job finished, we can connect to DCV on the ParallelCluster head-node and visualize the result.

For smokeview rendering on a GPU instance is not necessary. Thus, we picked a master node that does not have a GPU. If you want to learn more how to (e.g.) run DCV in a container from your ParallelCluster setup, visit the workshop

We’ll use the pcluster command to generate a token.

pcluster dcv connect pc-fsx gs-k ~/.ssh/lab-3-key


Open the resulting link within a browser (e.g. Firefox) and accept the risk - as DCV uses a self-signed SSL certificate by default.

Once you see the empty desktop, please click on activities in the top left ((1)) and open a terminal ((2)).

Open Smokeview

Now we source the environment variables.

source /fsx/fds-smv/bin/
source /fsx/fds-smv/bin/

Navigate to the results of your run and open the .smv file.

To visualize the smoke, select SOOT DENSITY as shown below.

THe animation should look like this: